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The Beginning

In June of 2016, we bought The Farm! What an exciting time for 2 guys who were used to living in downtown Greenville, SC! Giving up the 3-mile commute to work, and restaurants, shops, and parks within walking distance... all for a massive undertaking in revitalizing and uncovering a farm, turned into dumping ground. 

Every minute spared away from our busy lives at our 2 retail businesses, was spent cleaning up the mess that the previous owner accumulated during the past 17 years running an Old Home Salvage business on the property. 

After a year, of collecting, scooping, all the debris on the 8 acres we wanted to farm, we began installing irrigation and mapping out the flow of the farm. Little did we realize that cleaning up was really the easy part. But the hard work to come would provide an endless bounty of beautiful blooms.

We Did't Know

What to Expect

Before the Irrigation was completed, Spring came on full force. We weren't ready, but we had to start planting to stay on schedule. So we started our seeds in soil blocks, planted out into the field, added compost throughout the rows, and handwatered everything until our water system was finished. We had no written plan. Just a dream and determination. 

Daniel Schavey

Daniel grew up in Rock Hill, SC

(Suburb of Charlotte, NC)

He thought farms were gross his whole life, until he became obsessed with gardening. Now he wouldn't want to be anywhere else and is Owner/Operator of Petal Pickers Flower Co.

We met in 2008, and quickly hit the ground running. We started Petal Pickers Flower Co. in an effort to make local flowers and botanicals available to our customers.

Wesley Turner

Wesley was raised in Covington, TN.

(Outside of Memphis, TN)

Growing up in the country was great. Wesley started his career in horticulture and landed in Greenville,SC a few years later.  

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for more info on the farm renovations!

With a little hard work, lots of love, our little plants provided us with a bounty of blooms the entire season. 

So Here We Go!

We are so excited to bring such a fresh product to our market. Thanks to everyone who supports our local businesses, small farms, and the slow flower movement! Please follow along with us through our social media as this journey unfolds. Our flowers not only bring color and vibrancy to our community, but also great joy to those that receive them.

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